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Made for the content creators, our Gimbals have been designed to give you a portable and affordable solution to smooth, professional-looking footage.

S3 Gimbal

The S3 Gimbal is the perfect tool for the content creator who wants to attach a Smartphone and start taking their filming skills to the next level. Connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth to capture smooth footage using your choice of three shooting modes in either horizontal or vertical format with the 3-Axis S3 Gimbal.

XS3 Gimbal

The XS3 Gimbal is for those who want more options when shooting. Attach an Action Camera or Smartphone, download the App and make use of the Smartphone App features like Face Tracking, Object Tracking, Auto Panoramic Shots, Time Lapse, Slow-motion and Scene Effects! The in-built power bank gives you up to 12 hours of quality shooting time so you can take your time capturing incredible footage.

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Check out the blog to learn how to stabilise your gimbal!

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