New Kaiser Baas Action Camera App

Posted on October 08 2019

New Kaiser Baas Action Camera App

We created an App!
You spoke, we listened! After getting feedback on our Apps from our valued customers we set out to develop a streamlined solution for the Action Camera Apps.

From now on, you will no longer need to download a separate App per Action Camera, because we now have a consolidated App for all of your Action Cameras (and yes, it's free!)


Download the App Here:



Key Features:

There are some key features in this App that we think you'll enjoy:


Adjust Camera Settings

Using the App, you can quickly change your Action Camera settings without having to navigate to them on your camera. Adjust the Timestamp, Photo Resolution, Video Resolution, White Balance and Format the SD card before use!

kaiser baas action camera smartphone app

 View what you're filming in real-time, on a bigger screen!

Try it when:
1. Your camera is set up on a tripod ready to capture a scene that you want to be in! Check your App to make sure you've made the cut.

2. You've handed your child the Action Camera and want to see what they're filming.

3. You want a bigger screen to view what you're shooting, just to make sure you're capturing the shot right!


kaiser baas action camera app
Use your Smartphone as a remote!

Via the App you can control the Action Camera features such as Loop recording, Timelapse, Self-Timer, Photo Burst and Time-lapse.

Try it when:
1. You've set up your camera just perfect and don't want to bump or pick it up when trying to change a setting.
2. You don't want to have to run into the shot to make the Self-Timer countdown.
3. You're capturing footage of wildlife and rather than scare them when you move to change the Action Cam setting, you can sneakily make a change from your App.

View and download videos and photos straight to your phone!

No need to connect your Action Camera, instead you can go to the gallery section of the App and view, edit and delete videos.

Try it when:

1. You don't want to have to playback the footage on your Action Camera.

2.  You've left your laptop at home and want to view the footage!

3. You want to edit the footage on the go, directly on your phone!


Edit Videos!

That's right, this App has an in-built editing feature! It's great for both beginners and content creators who want to whip up a video in a flash! 

Try it when:
1. You're a beginner who is just getting the hang of editing videos together.

2. You're a Content Creator who wants to whip up a video in a flash!

3. You want access to a range of Royalty-free music tracks you can use for your videos. 


These are just some of the cool things about our App. As always, we're constantly striving to improve our products so if you have feedback or suggestions about how we can do so, please don't hesitate to reach out!


kaiser baas action camera app


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