Electric Scooter Story: Raana from Exhibition Hire

Posted on October 07 2019

Electric Scooter Story: Raana from Exhibition Hire

Each month, we’ll profile someone who got their hands on a KB E-Scooter! First up is Raana Horan, the Managing Director of Exhibition Hire Services.
Exhibition Hire is one of New Zealand's leading event hire and display solution companies. They have over 200+ staff working over 300 events at almost every venue throughout New Zealand. The days are long and the set-up time is often limited. so to help his team, Raana bought 10 of the new REVO E3 350W Electric Scooters.


Fantastic Scooters !!!!

We purchased 10 of these for getting around large event sites instead of walking everywhere and they are just fantastic !! Easy to use , nicely made with heaps of power and they certainly make the day a bit easier, awesome purchase !!
-Raana Horan, Exhibition Hire


Firstly, we’d love to know why you purchased 10 E-Scooters for your staff?

We purchased them to help reduce fatigue with our coordinators as they cover the event site continuously checking tasks are completed correctly for our clients.

What are the Electric Scooters going to be used for?

Travelling around sites and sometimes to nearby accommodation when working away instead of taxis!

Are you already seeing a lot of e-scooters at events, or are you one of the first?

No, not yet but we like to lead the way with everything we do!!

What were the key things you were looking for when purchasing an E-scooter? 

Something powerful and stylish at a good price.

What’s your favourite feature on your KB E3 Electric Scooter? 

Its top speed!!
The Kaiser Baas E-Scooter is an affordable, practical solution for not only the everyday commuter but also people in professions where fatigue is commonplace in high-stress environments.
To read more about the Kaiser Baas 350W E3, click here.

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