Buying the right SD card for your Action Camera

Posted on February 08 2019

Buying the right SD card for your Action Camera

What SD Card Do I Need For My Action Camera?

You've got yourself the camera, you're ready to shoot, but you're not quite sure what SD card you might need! We hope this handy guide steers you in the right direction before you make a purchase.
For our older range of camera’s we generally recommend a class 10 or UHS1 card up to 32MB, it is possible to use high capacity memory cards (i.e. 64GB), however with high capacity cards these days (generally speaking) come with higher specs, which may not always mean full compatibility and cause recording inconsistencies.
Regarding our newer range of camera’s, the card required may vary from model to model. If the camera has 2.5K or 4K resolution capability, we suggest using a card with a rating of UHS3, the reason for this is high-resolution recording requires high read and write speeds.
Using a lower spec card will result in dropped frames (jumpy recording) and no one wants that :(

The SD Card Guide:

Kaiser Baas SD card for my action camera

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